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The Waggon Club is a members’ club for serving and retired Reserve/Regular Army officers with service in Reserve Transport, Movements and Staff Units so that they can continue to meet their contemporaries and foster and enjoy the bonds of friendship formed whilst on military service. Their shared experience can contribute to the development of RLC doctrine.

The origins of the Club lie in the TROIKA dining club, an organisation of a small group of Regular and Reserve RASC Officers who used to meet in the early 1960s - with the aim of entertaining regular officer colleagues.  Upon the formation of the Royal Corps of Transport in 1965, the TROIKA club was disbanded.  In due course, The Waggon Club was formed by – as the name implies – a small group of transport officers.  We still have a few members who attended the first Waggon Club meeting in January 1971.

Many of our members have seen active service in many theatres from WWII to Afghanistan.


Annual Programme


The Annual Members’ Dinner is held after the Annual General Meeting in the Officers' Mess, Prince William of Gloucester Barracks (former home of RCT & RLC Specialist Units) in Grantham. It is the Club’s ‘Regimental Night’.  


Other events (e.g. curry lunches, site visits and lectures) are organised by the Committee throughout the year in various parts of the country. These are of a social nature - for members and their partners.  

Aims of the Club

To develop and sustain a fellowship of officers who have served in the RLC and the forming Corps. 

To act as an advocate for the Army, RLC and Reserves in our members’ communities.

To build community engagement with the broader veteran community.

To foster and support the members’ interest in military history.




You are eligible for Ordinary Membership if you are a serving or retired officer of the RLC Reserve, RCT (V) or predecessor RE (V) and RASC (TA) units;  or a serving or retired officer of other corps, having served with RLC/RCT Reserve or their predecessors. Officers of all ages are welcome – and members’ ranks range from Lieutenant to Major-General.


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